Noodles from a machine

So far every meal has been fantastic. Today we went searching for noodles and stumbled across a joint where you place your order into a vending machine and then head inside to get served. Ant G had told me about these places, so we just had to try it out. Pretty pictures and plastic meal replicas make ordering food in Japan fairly easy, so we placed our money in the machine and started pushing buttons. Feeling pretty happy about our button pushing we headed inside and were promptly welcomed by everybody working there. Then our food came out… We got exactly what we wanted, however some how I ordered the super huge pork noodles. This bowl was HUGE, at least double the size of Teresa’s bean shoot noodles. I gave it my best shot but the bowl defeated me. Even though I felt defeated the staff still shouted encouragement as we left the building. At least I think it was encouragement.

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