Kyoto by bike

Yesterday we hired some bikes and took off to see the sights (temples) of Kyoto. Kyoto and bikes are made for each other. The terrain is mostly flat and you ride wherever you want, at least that appears to be the rules. We headed out through Gion past the rivers that run through the streets and under some houses. We then made our way up to the philosophers path. The philosophers path is a stunning ride or walk of the north east side of Kyoto. The path runs past many temples and end at the Ginkaku-ji Temple and garden. Riding this path has been a highlight and when the blossoms are out it is supposed to be magnificent. After visiting the Ginkaku-ji Temple we headed to the imperial palace. It was about now that clouds decide to rain on us. This was the first rain for the trip and we were out of rented bikes. However it appears that riding in the rain is common place around Kyoto, so we furnished ourselves with 100yen (about $1.10) umbrellas which we held in one hand while riding with the other hand. This is not something you would be able to do in the bike unfriendly and windy Melbourne.

After arriving at the Imperial Palace we were surprised to find that they weren’t expecting us. Who was to know the local royals don’t accept visitors for oz without a prior booking. Ohh well we still got to ride around the gardens and get in the path of an eagle looking for food. Nijo castle was our next stop and dead people seem to be more wiling to open up their homes to visitors. Nijo is amazing, fantastic gardens, huge walls to keep the bad dudes out, and beautiful buildings.


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