Gate 33 sprint

Landing at the sydney domestic terminal when they are boarding your international flight at another terminal is not a good start to holiday. And since when did duty free model themselves on ikea and make you run 10 times further than you need too. It’s times like these I realize why athletes don’t skull half a glass of red wine just before competing in an event. After bolting through customs with no one else around we made it to the gate in time to find out that they had already booked us onto the next days flight. Oh great we get to spend a night in Sydney. However the qantas guy at the gate was fantastic and made the plane wait until he had organized to rebook us on the flight. It was about now that I realize our luggage doesn’t have the capacity to sweet talk a baggage handler into allowing it on board. At least we were going to make it to Tokyo tonight, not so sue about our baggage though. I guess we will know when we arrive.

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