Singapore Chilli Crab

One thing we had to do was sample some Singapore Chilli Crab. So while in Chinatown we found a little place which claimed to have won three awards for their Chilli Crab. There was no mention of the origin of the awards, but we took it on face value and requested a table for two. But before we talk any more about the Chilli Crab we must talk about the body building chef. We know all about this chef, and his body due to the last page on the menu which is dedicated to celebrating his body. If I wasn’t in a restaurant I would be convinced I was reading an application to the national body building championships. Any way back to the food. As well as the Chilli Crab we also ordered some chicken satay and deep fried meat dumplings. The food here was great and the sauce on the Chilli Crab was sensational, but digging the meat out of the crab was not my idea of fun. What meat we could extract was great, but personally I like my meat already extracted.


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